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Creative and Sporting Workers

Migrants wanting to work in the UK for up to 12 months as sports persons, entertainers or creative artists need a Tier 5 visa. Tier 5 visas do not cover people who are currently in the UK under permit-free concessions for entertainers, including permit-free festivals, and sports persons. Those working or intending to work in the creative sectors can apply for a license for creative workers and also their members of staff.

Tier 5 Category 1 - The migrant is engaged by a unit company within the creative sector
This can be part of an established production before coming to the UK. A group formed specifically for a UK tour will not be classed as a unit company. Pop groups do not come under category 4 of a unit company. A unit company is a big group of entertainers who have frequently performed together in their own country and also overseas.

Tier 5 Category 2 - The migrant is established at the highest level in their profession within the creative sector
This means that the migrant has performed at the utmost level and has established a name in their profession. This Tier 5 category includes people who are engaged to carry out work that only they can do.

Tier 5 Category 3 - The migrant is required for continuity in the creative sector
In this Tier 5 category the migrant will have worked for a period of at least one month or more on the same assembly outside the EEA before coming to the UK. Same assembly means one which is for the most part the same in terms of direction and design as the production outside the EEA.

Tier 5 Category 4 - The migrant has international status in the creative sector
This means that the migrant is globally famous in their sector. This is different to being distinguished only in one state.

Tier 5 - Sporting Eligibility
To get a license as a sponsor of sports persons, you must be a sporting body, for example a sports club or an events organiser. An agent cannot be a sponsor in this category.

Tier 5 Requirements
Though migrants in Tier 5 category do not need a governing body support to get permission to enter or stay, they must ensure that they follow the criterion set for the category before issuing a certificate of sponsorship. You must be a sports person who is globally established at the maximum level in your sport or you must be a sports person whose employment will make a significant contribution to the development and operation of your particular sport. Sports coaches who must be rightfully qualified for the job fall also under this requirement.


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