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A European Community Association Agreement Visa (ECAA), which is also referred to as a European Economic Area Visa is a British or UK Embassy Visa immigration service specifically for nationals of countries with the relevant European Community Association Agreement in place. At this moment in time this refers to Bulgarian and Romanian.

Applying for a British or UK Embassy Visa for immigration under this particular category will allow individuals the right to work and live in the UK by establishing a business. The business can be in any sector and of any size. If you do not qualify for this UK Embassy Visa service, it is possible that you may qualify under different type of UK Business Visa among the ones available on our site.

British Embassy Visa - ECAA Visa Benefits
The main benefit of the British Embassy Visas or ECAA Visas is for the candidates that qualify where there is no investment required unlike certain other UK Business Visa services such as Tier 1 Investor and Tier 1 Entrepreneur.

Also candidates applying for UK or British Embassy Visas under the ECAA Visa are not required to create a number of jobs in the UK and are not expected to invest large sums of money in the country. Similar to the points based system of the Tier 1 General Visa (previously known as the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme or HSMP) this UK Embassy visa offers absolute freedom in the choice of business and the extent which you intend to develop the business you establish, also baring in mind that unlike the Tier 1 General (HSMP) you are not assessed on a Points Based System.

An individual who holds the European Economic Area visa will not need a separate UK work permit visa. The only main restrictions are that the candidate must not employ outside his or her business as well as making sure they work full time in the running of the company and not engage in any sort of business activity outside of their individual business itself. Holders of European Economic Area visas or UK Embassy Visas do not require a UK work permit visa, however, they must not engage in business activity or employment outside their business and must work full time in running the enterprise.

British Embassy Visa - ECAA Visa Duration
When the British Embassy visa is initially granted it covers the individual for a two year period, the UK Embassy visa can then be extended at a later time by three or more years dependent on the progress of the business in conjunction with the original business plan as well as the following criteria being met.

- To secure a UK embassy visa, applicants must have been able to support any dependents whilst they were in the UK without any recourse to public funds.

- UK embassy visa applicants must be involved in various aspects of their business such as management and promoting.

- The Applicants business must still be trading with sufficient funds to keep the business operating successfully.

Once the UK Embassy visa extension application is successfully approved and the applicant has completed a total of five years under the UK visa, they can then be eligible for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK also known in short as ILR or permanent residence. After an applicant obtains ILR he may then opt to become a UK citizen by getting naturalised.

Dependants Immigration to UK
Except for the Business Visitor Visa service which is also referred to as a Tourist Visa or Travel Visa, the UK Business Class Visas are also potential routes to settlement in the UK and allow for your spouse and dependents to immigrate along with the UK Embassy visa applicant.

European Community Association Agreement Visas are no exception and candidates who enter the UK with this British Embassy visa may also be eligible to become permanent residents of the UK if their business proposals are carried out successfully. You would be permitted to bring your spouse or unmarried partner and dependant children in the country on your ECAA British Embassy visa.

Your spouse or unmarried partner will be eligible to undertake any lawful employment similar to the manner it is provided by in a Marriage Visa or unmarried partner Visa UK, also described as an Unmarried Partner Visa, and your dependents will also have the same rights to healthcare as well as education as any British citizen.


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