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Visa Extensions

Tier 1 Visas
Obtaining an extension for UK visa holders who are in the country under Tier 1 Visas category requires the applicant to meet the criteria for further leave to remain in the UK. Applicants must be able to show their ability of English, this can be done by giving an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score, This must be above band 6, or applicants may also show documentary evidence of a Bachelors Degree which was taught in the English language. This is very important to the applications.

Previous earnings will be looked at, this stage on the application will be solely based upon the length of the original visa that was granted and will change depending on whether the visa was granted for less than a year or more than a year.

The points system used within the Tier 1 Visa application system is the same as that used for the original applications. (Applicants will need to reach the threshold of 95 points, on a Points Based System.)

Extensions for Work Permit Visa
A Work Permit may be extended for a period of 5 years maximum. Applicants whose Work Permit or Intra Company Transfer (ICT) runs out before this time, can apply for an extension. Applicants who have already spent 5 years in the country on a work permit, will be eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain / permanent residency.

The employer must submit the application so that it can be lodged before the current permit expires.

Dependent Visa UK Extensions
Leave for your spouse/dependents to remain in UK will vary according to the UK immigration route in question. HSMP allows for spouse immigration via a dependent UK visa which will depend on the extension of the HSMP holder's own right to remain in the country. Anyone entering the UK via a Marriage Visa/De Facto Visa, (Unmarried Partner Visa) will be approved a 2-year time in the UK.

There is no need for extension of a UK dependent visa because applicants who have previously applied for a dependent visa extension and who have completed their 2 years stay, will qualify to apply for indefinite leave to remain (ILR). (Please note that there is no dependent visa extension available for Fiance Visas, these visas which are valid for 6 months, are issued solely on the condition that the parties involved will marry in the UK within the stated period.)

Working Holidaymaker Visa Scheme
A Working Holiday Visa may be approved for up to 2 years. This visa is granted just once and cannot be extended after 2 years. For those staying in the UK beyond 2 years an application for a UK Visit Visa application is required (Travel Visa or Tourist Visa) which does not allow you to work in the UK, or to enter the UK via any other immigration route such as Tier 1.

Dentist / Doctor Visas
These visas can be extended by set times of up to 3 years. (Applicant must have successfully had a job in a specialist training role). This immigration route is very different than work permits in the sense that they will not give applicants permanent UK residence.

UK visiting visas may be used as outlined above to allow people on working holiday visas to stay in the country for an additional six months, though working is not permitted. The visiting visa itself however is always granted for a maximum period of 6 months. Visit visas cannot be extended unless in the exceptional circumstances that the original document was granted for less than six months in which case it may be extended to the standard maximum period.

Extensions for the Student Visa
A Student Visa can be extended by applying for Further Leave to Remain. To apply for further leave to remain , the applicant must show that he/she will be in UK for the purpose of studying, and that they have completed the original course of study. All applicants must show that they can financially support themselves throughout their study time in UK. An extension of this kind must be submitted before the expiry of the original document.


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